Creating a bulleted outline on Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Recently, I had to create a bulleted outline for a project using Adobe Dreamweaver, but I was unaware how to do so. However now that I have figured it out, I want to assist those of you who find yourselves in the same predicament I was previously in.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

The easiest way to go about creating your outline is by simply creating an unordered list. If this phrase doesn’t sound familiar, don’t fret. It only takes a couple of easy steps, which I will guide you through.

First and foremost, open up a blank HTML document in Dreamweaver (You can do this by going to File > New and then selecting HTML)


if you are already working on a project, open that up instead.

Once you have done that, it is time to delve into the code.

Most outlines need a title of some sort. You can create one using p tags. This just means that under the first body tag you will need to type you opening p tag, then your title and then at the end of your title type your closing p tag.

Next, you will need to start your unordered list. To do so, on the line below your title type an open unordered list tag.
Now for the bullet points…
Each individual bullet point will require you to type an open link tag then your text followed by a closed link tag.

If you want to create smaller bullets to represent more specific points, you will need to create an unordered list inside of an unordered list. I know this may seem complicated, but I promise it’s not.

Simply go down to the line below the general point you would like to expand upon. Then type an open unordered list tag followed directly by an open link tag. Then insert your text and right after type a closing link tag immediately followed by a closing unordered list tag.

To return to a larger bullet point, go to the next line and only type an open link tag then your text, followed by a closing link tag.

Once you have created all your bullet points, you are ready to end your outline. To do this, go down to the line below your last point and type a closing unordered list tag. When you have done this, your outline should look similar to the image below but obviously a bit more dressed up since mine is absolutely basic.

Best of luck!

~Indira Mukerji

~ by indi50093 on November 3, 2011.

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