Add Music to Your Site

Websites are meant to entertain and one thing when I am looking on the internet that entertains me is music! Here are the steps on how to get background music onto your website!

First you need to choose a music file, you can choose an mp3 file but it may take longer to load. After you choose what song you would like to add you will add this code to your html on which ever page you would like it to play on:

<embed src=”musicfile.wav” autostart=”true” loop=”false”

You will need to enter your music source where is say “musicfile.wav”!

The autostart and loop codes are also important. For autostart that means if you put “true” as soon as you page loads it will begin to play music, and if you select “false” the viewer will have to manually make the music play! Loop means that if you put “true” then the song will continue to play over and over again and if you select “false” it will play once and then stop!

This is what your end html code should look like:

<ember src=”” autostart=”true” loop=”false” >

Hope this helps!

-Madison Knapp

~ by madisonknapp5 on November 6, 2011.

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