Converting Audio Files Using an Online Converter

Let’s say you are using that program that is going to edit the audiofile that you have just recorded or downloaded from some outside source. However, when you go to import the audio file, you are unable to simply because your audio file is an .wav format instead of a .mp3 format.

Well, theres great news, not only can you save uup to 15% on your car insurance by swithching to Geico, but also, the internet has made it easy to covert your audio file formats. You are going to see how simple it is to convert these files through the following example of converting a ……………..file to a ………………..file.

To get started, you must choose an on line converter that you would like to use. Today, we are going to use On, scrooll down until you get this screen below.





Next, select browse and choose your audio file. Notice, my audio file is in MPEG layer 3 form or .mp3 form

browse audio

After that, fill out the remaining information. (Your email and what you want to convert it to) Click “Convert” in section 4 and , the file will be converted to the form you selected, in this case, it will be .wav. It will then be sent to your email for you to download and do whatever you want with it.

-Derrick L. Smith II


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