Creating an AP Div for pictures

One way to get pictures and test in exactly the right spot is to use an AP Div. An AP Div is a piece of code which the name of a picture or text is inserted into and allows you to move the text where ever you want it. In this case, we are focusing on pictures.

To insert an AP Div go to Dreamweaver, Insert, Layout Object, and the AP Div.

Once you click on this, the code half of the page should look like this…

In the picture above, focus on the code in the body, <div  id=”></div>

This is where you should enter the name of the picture you want to insert. Put the name in between the open and closed symbols so the code will look like… <div  id=”> examplepicture.html </div>.

Once the picture is opened there will be a blue box surrounding the picture. This box will allow you to change the size of the picture and if you click on the mini box in the top left corner, you can drag the blue box, with the picture inside, to any spot on your webpage.



~ by onomonapianoise on November 6, 2011.

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