Finding HTML code on Websites

It is good to know how to look at your html without using Dreamweaver.

Now let’s see how we can view your html on a webpage from Google Chrome.  

First, navigate to your website . Did that? Okay,  now find the wrench symbol in the right hand corner and select it.
 Then go to Tools followed by selecting View source

Then you should see the html!

Now let’s do the same thing for some more main web browsers. Internet Explorer , Safari, and Firefox.

For  Internet Explorer

You want to right click on the webpage and click view source.

This is the html when using Internet Explorer!

For Safari !

Go to the paper icon in the right hand corner of the screen.

And your html will look like..

For  Firefox :

Like Internet Explorer you will right click  on the webpage and click view source.

Your html will look like this!

Hope this was helpful and now that you know how to do this, you can look at html codes from other sites for inspiration!

-Nikki Abban


~ by catchmeonfifth on November 6, 2011.

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