Making a picture a background!

Have a boring solid color background and want to spice it up?! A great way to get positive attention to your website is to have a fun and interesting background! Here’s how you can use a picture, image, or pattern as a background for your website!


First, find the picture that you want to make into the background on your website. For example, this picture!



Next, you need to make sure that if your picture is one, non repeating image that it is big enough to cover the WHOLE page of your website. do this by going into Photoshop and editing the size of your picture. Open up the picture in photoshop. By clicking in the upper right corner, file open.



Next once the picture is open,  go to file save for web and devices


Change the numbers in the box that says image: W and H to larger numbers such as 1400 x 800 And then save the image into the root folder for your website under images.


Next, open up adobe dream weaver. On your index, or main page enter the following code:


Upload your page on the website and your final product should look like this !



I hope this works out for you !!



Kristen Rupnik





~ by kayrup on November 6, 2011.

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