Scrubbing a Video Clip using Adobe Premier

Let’s say this is your first time using Adobe Premier. Although the program may look overwhelming and extremely confusing, it is really quite simple after you get the hang of it.

One of the first steps to Adobe Premier is learning how to scrub a clip.

Scrubbing a clip really just means changing the position of a video clip.

After choosing and importing the video clip you are editing, the first window you will want to be in will look like this:

The icons you will be using to scrub your video are the first two icons in the box below your video:

You will start by clicking “Play”

When you get to the part in your clip that you want to scrub, click the first curly bracket in the icons above.

When you get to the part in the clip that you want the scrub to end, click the second curly bracket.

You will go frame-by-frame using the arrow keys next to the “Play” button

Once you have edited all of the clips you want to use, you are going to click and drag the video into the window below:

Now the scrubbed clips will appear in your timeline!

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~ by bschrades on November 8, 2011.

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