How to add realistic shadows to any image!

Sometimes when you edit a picture, especially when you manipulate the foreground and background, the realism of the picture can fade. You can actually edit pictures to make them seem more real though, and one way is by adding shadows to objects.

First, open up an image on photo shop by clicking file, open, and browsing in your computer files to open a picture you previously saved.

It will probably be a smart idea to resize the image to about 300×500, or something near those numbers.

This is my original image:
(Click on the image for the source)

From the Layer menu select new layer.

Select the paintbrush tool and choose a light gray foreground color.

Paint a shape on the layer around the object as you would assume the shadow would look and fill it in as well- search for other images to figure this out if you’re not sure.

From the layer menu, choose effects and drop shadow.

Your image is slowly changing but we’re not done yet!

Click on filter, blur, and gaussian blur. Play around with the pixels- I used around 28 px.

Your image should now look something like this:

Play around until you get the shadow just as you like!

-Surabhi Menon


~ by surbss on November 9, 2011.

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