Creating a continuous clip on Adobe Premiere Pro

Do you have a video clip that you really like but it is too short to continue through your whole video? Well that problem can be easily solved. In fact, it’s really only a matter of copying and pasting, with the exception of a few extra steps of course.
Let’s get started.

First, open up the clip you would like to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. To do this, go to File> Import and then click on the clip. It should then appear in the top left area of your screen under the Project tab.

Then click and drag the clip into the work area. Once you have done so, right click on the clip, select copy and then paste the copied clip right next to your first one.

In order to make the clip appear smooth and not “choppy”, you will have to reverse the copied clip. To do this, simply select the copied clip then go up to Clip > Speed/Duration > Reverse Speed. Then select ok.

Continue copying and pasting in addition to reversing every other clip (using the action described above) until your short clip is the desired length.

Happy editing!

Indira Mukerji


~ by indi50093 on November 12, 2011.

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