Add Only Video or Audio

Sometimes you have a really good video clip, but the sound that you have doesn’t go along with it well! Or vis versa, you have a really good sound but the video clip isn’t all that great. Well there is a way to just add a video or audio clip alone in Adobe Premiere.

In the program you will first have to import the videos that you want to use:









After uploading those clips you can select which part of audio or video you want to use in your video production that you are making:







After this you will see two buttons, one looks a a film strip and one looks like a sound icon!

You will select which you want and then click that! After that you will drag the clip down in what looks like a hand! It will then insert into your final product sequence!






Madison Knapp


~ by madisonknapp5 on November 13, 2011.

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