Exporting Media onto Dreamweaver

So you made a really cool video on Adobe Premiere, but how do you share it with the world?

After you have saved your project, go to file, down to export, and then click on Media. Choose the format, the sizes etc to your preference and then click on export. The file will export to where ever you have been saving the project.

Once you have exported your project, you can close Adobe Premiere and open Dreamweaver. Choose the page you want to have your video on and then fill out the manage sites box.

Once you are able to upload material onto your website, click on insert, media, and then on FLV.

Fill out the Inster FLV box. The URL will be whatever you have called your video. Note that the URL cannot have any spaces and some signs. If this is a problem go to Finder, type in the video name and change the name.

The width and height of the video you chose when exporting the video. If you need to back and check this simply reopen your project and reclick on export, see what you chose and then click on cancel.

Once you have filled out the form click ok and wait for the video to upload onto the page. Once on Dreamweaver the videowill look like this…

Then you reload your page onto the web the same way as always.

Good Luck!



~ by onomonapianoise on November 13, 2011.

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