Importing media on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5!

So Adobe Premiere Pro is a great place to edit videos to tell your story. The first step is to find all the clips you want to use before you start editing! Just read below to begin your journey with video editing!

First off, open up Adobe Premiere then click on the box on the left hand side. It says “Name and sequence 1.” Just click the empty space and  a box should appear that helps you pick your file. Then find the file you want and select it!

Hey you did it!  Now to actually see your video click on the clip from the side and drag it to where it says video 1. This area is called your timeline, which shows what order your video will appear in.

Great! Now, click on the video that is in your timeline and you should see it appear on the left side of the two big boxes.

*Very important if you have .MOV files from Quick time, make sure quick time is installed on your computer!!!! *

From here you can edit your clips! Go to to understand the program better.

Hope this helped!

-Nikki Abban


~ by catchmeonfifth on November 13, 2011.

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