Make the Audio of One Video Clip Play During the Video of Another Clip!

Have you ever had a video clip that you wanted to play, but with the audio of another clip? Well, in just a few clicks you can! In this example, I will play the audio of a band in the background with the video of kids listening to the music.

First, you’ll need to import the two clips you want to work with into Adobe Premiere. You then want to separate the video clip from the audio clip with the file that you only want to show the video portion of. You do this with the first clip (the clip you want to erase the audio from) by right-clicking on the file and choosing the ‘Unlink’ option.

After you unlink the audio from the video, simply delete the audio portion by highlighting and pushing delete. For smooth transitions into the clips, add key frames to the video portion second clip that will fade out of this video and into the video that you want to be seen and not heard.

You now have combined two video clips! In this example you see and hear the band playing, then it fades into kids gathering around as you still hear the band, and then finally you see and hear the band again! If you followed these steps it then your clip should look and sound like something similar!

Alyssa Ferguson


~ by alyssalef on November 13, 2011.

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