Video Transitions on Adobe Premiere

When editing video clips, one of the most basic necessary tools for a smooth, multiclip video is transitioning. This prevents the clips from appearing as choppy segments that are simply placed one after one. To smooth out a video using Adobe Premiere, it is fairly simple to make the transition occur. First, drag the two clips you want to put beside each other onto the video track. The first can be put under ‘Video 1’ and the the second on ‘Video 2.’ If they are aligned exactly a black line will appear where the cut is. You don’t want to use this black line for transitioning, however; the video clips will overlap so that the transition can be put into effect properly. In order to do this, drag video clip 2 so that it slightly overlaps video clip 1. Now click on video clip 2 so it is highlighted. On the left side of the screen, under video 2, a yellow diamond should appear that allows you to click in order to add/remove keyframes. You will want to add two key frames; one at the very beginning point of video 2 and one where the overlap of the two videos ends. Now, you can choose whatever transition you want under the video transitioning tab on the left side of the page. Simply click and drag from the transition so that it is placed between the two keyframes (yellow diamonds). Save your work, and your clips should transition smoothly!

– Marissa


~ by marissaceleste7 on November 13, 2011.

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