Writing a successful blog post!

Interested in maintaining a blog but not sure how to do it?! Here’s a few key pointers into being a successful blogger!


  • Informal is always better than being formal – this includes using “you” instead of using the third person words “one” or “someone/anyone”.  Creating a personable connection with readers is crutial to maintain followers.


  • Don’t start your blog posts with “hey guys!” or any other time of opening that implies more than one reader. When starting out, you need to form that connection with a reader one on one and interact with them before you can address them as a group.


  • Every blog written should have a strong focus and purpose: define what you’re going to talk about or explain and do it clearly.


  • When doing a how to blog post, or giving instructions on how to do something, use informal text as well as simple, but detailed words. Make sure your blogs are user friendly and can be understood by a general audience. Make things easier to understand, use pictures, sounds, videos – any type of tool that can better help the reader understand what they want to accomplish.


  • Create a schedule as to when you are planning to blog: is it a daily event? weekly? monthly? By having a set time as to when your next post is coming out, your readers are more likely to check in to follow it.


  • To be a successful blogger it takes a lot of time: in order to keep your reading coming back for your next post, you need to take the time and dedication to write well developed and thought out posts.

I hope this gives you a helpful insight as to how to start blogging and helps you to become a successful blogger!


Kristen Rupnik





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  1. Very helpful. Since committing to creating a blog post everyday, its become much easier to build my blog. I think new bloggers might struggle with coming up with new ideas about what to blog about. Have you any suggestions on what to blog about and how to find new ideas to blog about?

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