How to convert a “.prproj” file to a smaller “mp4” file with Handbrake

First you will save your project as a premiere project file or “.prproj” file.  You will then need to “export” this file from the “file” dropdown and save it as a recognizable and useable file for your computer (FLV, Windows Media, mov, etc).  (After all you will be using this in a few minutes to convert it so if you don’t recognize your file type, you’re going to be SOL)

The prproj file type is a rather hefty file and we need to size it down in order to embed it into a readable file for the internet.  You can use any compression software found on the internet, but an easy and free one is “Handbrake.” It is simple to follow and quick.






You will first install it onto your computer.  Then you will open it up and choose the large icon “source” on your top left to add your video to the queue.  You will choose your file type (in our case “video file”). Next choose your file’s directory and open the file into handbrake.  If an error message pops up from Handbrake saying the file you’re using is unrecognizable, you need to re-export the file from Premiere Pro because something could have happened where it did not export the file completely. This has happened to me twice, so don’t worry and start pulling your hair out when you get this error message.  Just go back to Premiere Pro and re-export the file.

Once you have your file queued up in Handbrake, press “start” just to the right of the source button up top in the picture. If you take a closer look, you will see that we are converting this file to an mp4 in order to drastically reduce the size of the project file and to make it easier and faster to load on internet browsers.

You wait until this is done then export the file again from Handbrake.  You can now import it to your Dreamweaver website and embed it into your webpage using the tag. You may also change looping, volume, size of object, controls, etc.

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