How to Create a Symbol in Adobe Flash

You may be wondering– what’s a symbol?  A symbol in Flash is an object or group of objects that can be reused or imported to other projects. Symbols are an important element in Adobe Flash because not only do they simplify your work but they also  greatly reduce the size of the file.

Ok, now for the how:

So, I simply started Flash and dragged in a picture of a balloon.  Your screen should look like this:


Next, click on the library tab at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Now, your screen should look like this:


In the portion of the library where your image is stored, right click and choose “New Symbol” from the options.  Call your symbol whatever you would like and make sure that “Graphic” is selected since we are dealing with an image.  Finally, drag the image onto the new, blank screen.  Now, you should have a symbol icon with your picture in it and the screen should look like this


(Note: Notice how in the top left corner it changed from just “Scene 1” to “Scene 1” and then “the name of your symbol.” That’s one way to check to see if it worked.)

And there you have it.

-Christina Ranalli



~ by christinaranalli on November 15, 2011.

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