How to Draw in Adobe Flash

Growing up in the internet age, I have seen my fair share of humorous media. Most of these have been flash cartoons. Now that I am becoming more

familiar with Flash, it was interesting to me when I found out how to draw characters in this software.

Once you open your project, select “Insert>New Symbol.” On the pop-up screen, name your symbol (character/drawing) and click on “OK.” Now all of the tool youneed are on the right hand side of the screen. For fine lines, click on the pencil (right). To fill, use the paint bucket (left). On the left of the Library andProperties tabs is another toolbar. The easel on top helps you select color. You can play around with other effects and buttons, but I just wanted to illustrate the basic functions.

-Jarad Kmietowicz



~ by jmk186 on November 15, 2011.

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