How to make turning gears in Flash Animation 5.5

First, you start a new Actionscript 3.0. It will be the default choice in the menu as you create a new file.

Next you will choose the rectangle tool from the right hand side and you will make the sides about a 65 in order to curve them into a circle.

Then, you will make your large circle in the middle of the canvas.  You will want to make six to eight small overlapping circles in order to make this look right. (It may help to make the different sized circles clashing colors)

Now delete them and their surrounding outlines to create the gear effect. Next, right click on the gear to make it a symbol. You then will make a motion tween on the symbol by clicking “create tween” after another right click on the object. You want to make sure you have highlighted at least 20 key frames because every six keyframes is one second, so your project won’t be very long if you only have 10 frames.  Futhermore, you will right click on your motion-tweened movie clip symbol (the gear) and you will add action or motion to the gear.  You can click on actions (the three or four balls in motion near the right side of your screen.  Click on “code snippets” and scroll down to rotate and rotate contintuously.  You will get the action screen to pop up and the flash code snippet will pop up heavily commented.  You may simply close out of this screen with the “x” because this action has already been applied.  You may preview this by starting at the first keyframe and pressing play.

You can make the gears go faster or slower by changing the negative number to a higher number, this changes the numeric value of the angle that it would turn in the amount of keyframes you have.  To have many gears turning all at once, simply copy paste, re-right click and repeat all of the other steps with smaller gears.  It would be really neat to have smaller gears turning faster than large ones because that’s the reality of gears.

Thank you so much for reading!

Shannon Wilcox




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