Linking Media in Adobe Premiere

Are you starting to edit videos in Adobe Premiere? I know I am and it is pretty confusing at times. My problem arose after I edited my video then tried to re-open it a few days later. The picture in the top right box looked like this…


That red box definitely should not be there. Don’t worry! I am going to tell you the easy steps to follow in order to fix it. The first thing you need to do is going to the top left box where all of your recordings should be uploaded, shown in the picture below.

Click, just once, to highlight and select the file that you want to change form red back to the video. Now, click on the tab “Project” at the top to see the pull down menu. Scroll down to where it reads “Link Media” as shown below.

Click on it! Once you do that, it will ask you to browse and find the media that you want to link. This is easy, simply just correspond the video you want to the video you selected in Premiere. Select that video and click “Open.” Redo these steps for each of the clips that are not linked.

Congrats! Those are the simple steps you must follow to link your media so that the red box does not appear. You may have to do this quite often when you re-open your video project, but don’t sweat, it’s not that difficult.


Alyssa Scalercio


~ by alyssascalercio on November 15, 2011.

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