Rendering a Video in Premiere

Let’s imagine that you’ve just made a video using Adobe Premiere (assuming you haven’t), and you try to play that video back. When you play it, it skips and buffers, and it just looks really bad. That could be because you haven’t yet rendered your video. Don’t fret, it’s a quick and simple process.

The first thing first you have to identify which part of the video isn’t rendered. In Premiere we know whether or not our video is rendered by looking at a bar above our clips. If it’s green that the video is rendered. If it’s red than the video is not rendered.

The blue arrow is showing you where to look to see if your video is rendered.

If your video is in fact not rendered then what you have to do is first select the section of the video that you wish to render. To do that you just go above the red bar and take the little scrolling bar and place it over the section of the video that needs to be rendered.

The blue arrow in this photo is showing the bar that you have to move over the red section in order to render your video.

Then all you have to do is go to “Sequence,” click “Render Entire Work Area.”

Once you click "Render Entire Work Area" just give it a few moments and then your video will be rendered.

Once your video is rendered the bar that was once red will be green and you’ll be good to go.


-Chris Collier


~ by collier3773 on November 20, 2011.

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