Playing a clip backwards in Adobe Premiere

To make my “Day in the LIfe” video strange, I decided to play my day backwards. Now instead of filming myself do things backwards, I decided to reverse my clips in my editing process using Adobe Premiere. This is an extremely easy process once you know what to do. Once your files are imported into your project, grab the clip you’d like to be reversed into the timeline. Be sure to trim off any part of the clip you do not want in your video.


Then right click on your clip and choose “Speed/Duration.”

Click the “Reverse Speed” checkbox and click okay.

Adobe will then reverse the speed of your clip. There are two things to remember, here. The sound in your clip with also be reversed, so be careful of any voices of distinguishable sounds that may sound funky when reversed. Also, Adobe Premiere only reverses one clip at a time, so if you made a movie with lots of clips and want the entire thing reversed (as I did for my video), you will have to export it then import the movie as one clip to reverse.


Mairead Lynn


~ by maireadlynn on November 22, 2011.

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