Animating a Color Change with Flash

It is simple to change the colors of something in Flash, but if you want to gradually animate that transition, that is a bit more difficult.

Start off with the shape you want colored in the color you want it to start with.

starter shape

Now we are going to animate a transition of this oval to a blue one. Start by going to a frame (to set your desired length of animation) and adding a keyframe (f6).


Now change the properties of your new shape by altering the color to the one that you it to turn into. Here it is now going to simply change from black to blue, after the timeline hits the 10th keyframe.

Now in order to animate the morph of color change from black to blue, you need to add a key frame at the beginning and create a shape tween. This will facilitate the color change gradually, from black to blue.

And that is how to change the color of a thing with “shape tween” using Flash.


Casey Bradford


~ by caseybradfo on November 29, 2011.

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