Class Notes – 11/29/2011

Hey everybody!

Can you believe it? Just one more class left!

Speaking of which, let’s talk about what’s due for next week:

  • Your totally sweet and finished Flash project, with 3 (or more!) animated, interact-with-able things
  • Your final project drafts

That sounds pretty good for now, I think. Now, let’s talk about your final presentation:

  • Presentations in room 512 of the Cathedral of Learning from 1:00  – 3:00 on Friday, December 9th (about a week and a half from now)
  • You’re welcome to invite a guest along, just email Jamie ahead of time so that preparations can be made
  • It must be prepared! There will be neither “winging” nor “playing it by ear” of the final project presentation.
  • You will have 5 minutes. A maximum of three (3) of these minutes can be used to show some kind of media. A minimum of two (2) of these minutes must be used for talking.
  • You can show whatever you want – it doesn’t need to be your final project – so give us what you consider to be your best!
  • If you’re clicking through something, narrate for us, please
  • Waiting for downloads makes us sad, so please please please bring whatever you’re showing on a USB drive (thanks ahead of time)
  • When you’re preparing your exquisitely constructed talk for the project, include a “critical narrative of making” – tells us of your trials, your woes, your triumphs, what you were going for, what worked, what made you want to cry, what your concept was, whether you are satisfied, what more you would do, what you learned… you get the idea.

This Sunday, Jamie will have a super-awesome Flash tutorial from 1:30-3:30 (not 1:00-3:00 like the usual tutorial hours).

The last day of the lab will be the 12th (not the 13th when ALL YOUR STUFF IS DUE WHICH YOU ALL REMEMBER) and the hours will be from 10:00-3:00.

Oh, and just to repost and reiterate:

all of your work is due tuesday, december 13 at 4:30 pm

This is one week after our last Tuesday class meeting. You will be putting forth your creations in two forms:

  1. Your website will be totally done, with all of your projects, including their final, touched up, final forms (as well as all previous incarnations, of course). You won’t, however, be putting up your project files and such – just the exports.
  2. Your flash drive will have EVERYTHING, including your whole website, all your gigantic (and not so gigantic) project files, and everything else you’ve worked on in this class (even throw those blog posts of yours in a file and include those). Also – and this is supremely important – YOUR NAME must be on the USB drive. You have two options for this – 1) put masking tape on your flash drive and write your name on that, or 2) put it in a Ziploc bag (or functionally equivalent locking-seal plastic bag brand of your choice) with your name on it (Sharpie or masking tape with name written on it). Drop this off with the friendly and helpful people in the English Department on the 5th floor of the Cathedral of Learning before 4:30.

If you don’t have ALL of your assignments in (every one ever assigned ever), then you will not pass the class. So make sure that all of your late assignments get turned in, or we’ll be very sad pandas.

I think that that about does it. Have fun!


Your friendly neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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