Class Notes – 12/6/2011

Hi everybody!

We had our last class! Holy crap!

Well, here’s the score:

By Friday, you should have your final cut for 11/11/11 uploaded to BOTH your website AND the global project’s website.

Other than that, just finish everything up, make sure you’ve done everything assigned, make sure you’re happy with your work (making new drafts where needed), and throw it ALL on your USB drives.

Ah, yes – the USB drives – thanks for reminding me:

These should contain everything you’ve done for this class ever, and everything you’ve used to make all that stuff. This means all raw footage you’ve used (unused footage isn’t needed, but the used stuff is so that when Jamie opens your project files, for example, she can actually see what you did, instead of getting mean and nasty “Media Offline” messages), all project files, your website, your blog posts… everything! Make sure it’s all in there, or it may be as though it never existed (at least, as far as grading goes).

Those will be going to 526 in the Cathedral by 4:30 on Tuesday, December 13th. Make sure it’s all nice and labeled and secured and such. Your options for getting them back are many:

  1. Pick them up on the 5th floor of the Cathedral on or after Friday, Dec. 16th
  2. Give Jamie a self-addressed, stamped return envelope so that she can mail it to you, if you have to skip town beforehand
  3. Pick it up next semester

Okay, now – the PRESENTATION!

It will be, of course, Friday from 1-3.

If you can’t make it for part of it, LET ME KNOW the when and the why of it as soon as possible so that scheduling can be worked out.

To be clear, you don’t have to show your final project here or your Flash project – you just show the thing that you are personally the most proud of and that you deem to be the most awesome.

You are given 5 minutes total (please rehearse and don’t go over this time). A MINIMUM of 2 minutes will be talking, while a MAXIMUM of 3 minutes will be showing us media. If you’re showing us a video, please bring it in on USB so that we don’t have to wait for downloads or other such craziness.

You can dress up a little, since you are giving presenting, but this will be a very relaxed atmosphere (with pizza!), so be casual, yo.


And, of course, get all those assignments turned in!


Your friendly neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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