How to Use Still Images in Adobe Premiere

Throughout this semester, not to mention my life, I realized that I left a ton of pictures figuratively yellowing in folders on my computer. I decided it’s finally time do something with these photographs, but what? A collage? Overdone. Print them out? I’ll lose them. Leave them alone? Wait, that’s what I’m trying to avoid!

Luckily, I recently discovered how to effectively incorporate still images into Adobe Premiere projects, and with my help, you can do the same! This will allow you to display your photographs in a fun and unique way, and if you follow my instructions, I’ll make sure your project doesn’t just look like a grandiose slideshow!

Let’s begin by preparing your images. Because Photoshop is designed for editing images, and Premiere, although capable, is really not, I recommend editing all of your images before importing them to your project. Feel free to make minor changes after you import them, but doing the majority of your work beforehand will greatly reduce rendering time. Although you could technically use any type of image file, for today’s purposes, save all of your work as PSD (Photoshop) files, so that we can import the individual layers of the photographs.

How do we import images you ask? Do not go to File–>Import like instinct urges you. Instead, click on Media Browser, which is the tab next to Info and Effects in the bottom left corner of your screen and browse for the image you wish to import.

Drag the file to the Project tab, NOT the timeline. A pop-up will appear like the one below that will ask you how you want to import the layers of the image.

The default setting will import as: “Merge all Layers.” Make sure to change the option to say “Individual Layers.” This will allow you to create more than just a slideshow because you will be able to individually manipulate the effects you created in Photoshop. Drag the layers to your timeline. Here you can apply many of the same effects and transitions that you use when working with videos. For example, you can still create movement by using key frames on a still image. Play around with your options, and remember that you can set different durations, transitions, etc. for the different layers of your photographs.

Once you find something you like, save and export the project like you would any other Premiere Project.

Don’t forget to show all of your friends your work or post it on your website, so that everyone can enjoy your photographs!





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