Use HandBrake to condense files

As you’ve likely gathered from any attempts to put video or Flash projects online, not all browsers support all file types, and some internet connections just aren’t speedy enough to make that larve FLV file worth it. At times like these, smaller files are a blessing. Thankfully, there’s an alternative for persons with data-heavy projects: condensing software. is an especially easy-to-use program for condensing files, thereby reducing their size and increasing their usability. Despite it being a complex-sounding process, file condensation can actually be achieved with the click of a few buttons.

First, head to The link for the free download of the software is displayed prominently across the top of the page, so to get started, give that a click. Next, select your operating system from the displayed options. If you’re on a Mac, you can check what operating system you have by clicking on the Apple at the top left of your screen and pressing “About this Mac.”

Once you’ve downloaded the program, all that’s left to do is select your source file for condensation. The “source” icon is at the top left of the HandBrake screen. Choose your file, verify its file path, and make any further specifications you’d like to in the HandBrake screen. Then click “start,” located right next to “source.” In a matter of minutes you’ll have converted a huge file into something a lot more managable.

HandBrake automatically saves condensed files to the Desktop, so look for it there.

– Cathy


~ by cathybutchy on December 13, 2011.

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