How To Give Your Photo A “Crumpled Paper” Effect

Though it may not be the first or even second idea that pops into your head when you think about all the different styles and designs available for photo editing, the “crumpled paper” effect is certainly one that you should consider as it can add just the right amount of fun (and chaos) to your finished product.

So, because I assume everyone is dying to know how one can accomplish such a distinguished look, I’ll break down the process into simple and followable steps.

Original Photo:

After opening the photo in Adobe Photoshop, create “Layer 1” by going to the toolbar and clicking Layer > New > Layer Via Copy. Next create “Layer 2” by going to the the toolbar and clicking Layer > New > Layer.

Now (while Layer 2 is selected) go to the toolbar and click Filter > Render > Clouds.

Again, go to the toolbar but this time click Filter > Render > Difference Clouds.

Now go to the toolbar and click Filter > Stylize > Emboss. Test the “Angle”, “Height” and “Amount” until you find a preview that suits your tastes.

Finally move “Layer 1” to the top of the column above “Layer 2” and “Background”. Then, while “Layer 1” is still selected, find the drop-down box that says “Normal” and change the selection to “Overlay”.

The original photo will now have a “crumpled effect”. Congratulations!!

Finished Product:

Tutorial By: Marley Rodgers


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  1. Anyone who wants to use this effect can now easily achieve it. There are many different tabs to click, but Marley tells us which buttons to click clearly, and at a very rapid pace. You will be done in seconds flat!

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