How to look at your website before making it live

As I began learning HTML I quickly realized that what I saw in Dreamweaver wasn’t always what I saw online. This made it discouraging to continually save my files to the website only to go back and have to change something. An easy way to avoid this is to check your programming before putting it on your website. To do this, go into your documents and find your index folder. Right click the folder and choose the “open with” tab. Pick your web browser of choice and you’ve done it. Now you can check the look of your website before making it live. 

Cameron Taylor


~ by ourladyofperpetualsarcasm on September 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “How to look at your website before making it live”

  1. You can actually do this directly through dreamweaver!
    (typically) above your workspace theres an icon that looks like a globe with an arrow beside it; click it and watch your dreams come true!

  2. Cameron, I’d say that your post feels a little bare-bones. It’s a great tip for the class, because obviously our sites are going to live on the internet, and not on our desktops. However, there’s actually an easier way to do this exact same thing within Dreamweaver. (There’s a little globe icon that you click and it will display your site in the browser of your choosing.) Again, this is a valuable tip, but perhaps for next time, you should try doing more of a step-by-step guide on a Photoshop technique, or how to code something cool using Dreamweaver rather than a quick (though helpful!) tip!


  3. Oh, hah, Kyle already told you about the globe icon!

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