Yee haw ! Using the Magnetic Lasso

Good luck wranglin’ this beast!

This lasso feature helped me to wrangle up a herd of  wild photos and combine them on one common plain.  It was simple and easy once I got the feel for it, and I reckon you’ll feel the same.  First I got logged into my facebook, opened up my photo album and right clicked.  From the pull down menu I selected “Save Image as.”  Once the images downloaded I opened up Photoshop.  Then I clicked “file” then “open”.  I opened three pictures of myself and one picture that I wanted to apply the other three to.

Once I had the photos opened all in separate tabs, I went to work.   First I cropped the image down to the area immediately surrounding my face.  The crop tool is located on the vertical toolbar to the left of the application window.  It is the second icon down, underneath the “arrow key”. I like to do this because it makes the space more manageable.  It’s kind of like fencing off your property so you can keep an eye on your cows. From there I held the cursor down over the “Magnetic Lasso” ,  which is the third option down on the tool bar, until a drop down box appeared.  Then I selected “Magnetic Lasso” from that drop down box.  And boy, let me tell you, this is where the fun starts.

I started tracing around the outline of my face and the darn thing knew exactly where to go.  Once I traced the image I wanted to cut from the photo (my face), I used “Command C” to copy it.  I opened the tab I wanted to use for the background of the piece and I hit “Command V” to paste it.  But whoa doggy! It was too large.  I had to resize it.  So, I hit the “Arrow Key” on the Photoshop tool bar, since I wasn’t using my magnetic lasso anymore.  From there I used “Command T” to free transform and resize the image appropriately.  I shrunk it down and stuck it right down where I wanted it.

Once I got that image down there I went back and did the same thing for the other two photos and copy and pasted them in too.


~ by krystalseth on September 10, 2012.

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  1. Though I really liked the fun tone you used, a more depersonalized and professional voice might give the reader more reason to trust and listen to your advice.

    Additionally, though the process was not that confusing as it was explained in enough detail, one or two screenshots of the actual photoshop page while each step was happening could help readers who may get lost or just prefer visual-based learning over text-based learning.

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