How to move layers in Photoshop 6

It might seem kind of tricky to move documents together in Photoshop 6, but in a few easy steps, you can put together any kind of collage you want!

So let’s start out with a photo. Click File > Open and choose a picture.

Here’s mine:

Now, let’s add something else to make the photo really pop. Open another file β€” this one can be anything you want.

Here’s mine:

OK, now we need to select what we want to move over. I want the line, “Dear Mollie,” so all I have to do is click the Rectangular Marquee Tool on the left-side toolbar and drag it over the part I want. Once you’ve selected what you want to copy over, simply click Edit > Copy or Copy Merged. Once you’ve done that, go back to your original photo and Edit >Paste. Your new addition will appear in the middle of your screen.

To move your new layer, click the Move Tool, and you’ll be able to drag it anywhere on your background.


To add new layers, simply repeat these steps. It’s important to note, though, that when dealing with multiple layers, you may only select one at a time. To alternate between moving different layers, all you have to do is right-click the layer you want to move. The title of the layer will pop up β€” like Layer 1 β€” so just select that and move it wherever you want!

This concludes my introduction on layers. Next week’s lesson will be more complex πŸ™‚

For the noobs,

Mollie Durkin






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  1. I really liked this post and I think I’ll find it very useful once I start editing my photos in further detail. There’s a lot of artistic potential in this concept, and I’m looking forward to using it in my own work.

    I thought you did a great job explaining the step by step process of layering, but I think it might be helpful if you took a few screenshots of this process to make it easier for a “noob” like me to follow along with. πŸ™‚

    Other than that, I liked that your post was simple, but still explained a very interesting skill. Looking forward to your next blog!

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