To most of us when we think of transparency the idea of seeing through something comes to mind. As the term is typically used in comparison to something being opaque. In Chapter one of Murray’s Into the Medium she describes transparency as a good quality when using a site. In technical terms transparency is basically like doing something subconsciously.For example when you first learn to ride a bike you are very aware of being sure to hold on tight, pedal, and hold your balance. Two weeks later you do not even have to think about those actions instead you are able to enjoy the scenery along the ride. This similar idea comes up when navigating a site. If you receive instant feedback from what you are trying to do it has transparency. So basically the gist I got was if the person has to really think about what they are doing then the site is not transparent. I hope you all enjoyed my first post!

-Mary Kathryn Flood


~ by maf179 on September 11, 2012.

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