How to Embed a PDF Into Your Page Using HTML

So you want to know how to have one of those ultra-cool web pages with a PDF viewer embedded right into it?  It is something that is really quite simple!

The first step is to establish which page on your website you want to have the PDF on.  This could already be determined on an already live web page or a brand new one you have yet to create!

By simply adding one code to your HTML 5 code, you will be able to have a PDF viewable within your webpage which is available to read, print, zoom, or save!

The basic outline of the code is:


< OBJECT data=”Name.pdf” TYPE=”application/x-pdf” TITLE=”Name
<a href=”Location.pdf”>Name</a>
</object >


Using this code, you can replace all of the cyan colored parts with the name and location of where your PDF will be found on your FTP.

Also, you can change the height and width of the viewing box by adjusting the number values after the “=” in the code, and be sure to remove the space between the < and OBJECT as well as the space between </object and >.

Your final product will be sure to awe visitors who come to see your page!

-Dylan A.


~ by mrfunnymandyl on September 16, 2012.

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