Ogres Have Layers

In the words of Shrek there’s a lot more to Photoshop than most people think. Photoshop is like onions it has layers. The idea of layers may seem pretty basic but it is the key to organizing your images in Photoshop. The layers themselves are really easy to make and one can be made for each image, text or design you create. The benefit to creating layers is that it allows you to work with one image at a time. A few interesting things I learned about layers is that designs can be applied to a specific image cut out. For those who have used Photoshop this may seem basic but the layers are essential to modifying images. In order to do a cut out you must have one layer with the design you want. It can be a picture, something you created or even text. Once you have this layer, NAME IT, naming your layers appropriately is the key to success. The next layer created will then be the cut out image, again this can be anything of your choosing. Once again, NAME the layer. Once these two layers are created you can then highlight them using the command G or shift keys. Once this is completed you are now ready to combine the two. Using the layers tool in the top bar click on create a clipping mask. I went more thoroughly through the steps below with some visuals.

Step 1: Creating a new layer is easy.When you open up your photoshop document simply move to the right hand corner of the page as shown below and click the icon to create.

Step 2: Naming your layers is the key to success. When labeling your layers it essential that you label them according to what they are. This makes the organization of your work much better.

Step 3: Create a design for your first layer in any way you would like. I chose to create my own design using text. This can be done by using the several options provided on the toolbar on the left hand side. Once again you must label this layer according I would suggest naming it cut out background. Do not label this the background make sure it is a new layer you do not want your overall background to be the same as the cut out background.

Step 4:Creating the cut out layer. You simply select a cut out of your choice. Then create a new layer for the cutout and NAME it accordingly. Remember in order to name the layer you must double click on the layer. In order to insert the image you just have to click copy and then go to the edit menu of Photoshop and click paste just as you would in the program paint.

Step 5: Now applying the background to the cut out. This is done by highlighting the two layers you would like to work with. The cut out combination button is found at the top of the page. By selecting LAYER a drop down list of options will be displayed we are looking for the CREATE CLIPPING MASK button. Once this button is clicked on the the two images will form together.

Now that your images are combined together you can have something that looks like this…

Using this feature is nice when you only want to apply a certain to design to one particular element of your work. As shown here the background in the text is a beach. Rather than having everything with a beach background you are now able to specify its location

VOILA! You have just created your first cut out image. It may seem pretty basic, but being able to follow these few steps and not having to watch a whole ten minute video will hopefully save you some time. I am signing off for now but have a great day everyone, do something to make someone smile today.

-Mary Kathryn Flood


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