How to Embed a Hidden Audio Player

Adding audio to the background of your web page is a simple and easy trick to do to enhance your web page. Using HTML, it is possible to embed an audio file to the background of your web page, with the option of having the audio player hidden to create a unique touch. To do this, you will have to use the following code:

The name of your desired audio file will be enclosed within the quotation marks. Make sure you are using audio file formats. Below, I am using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5. After the first quotation mark, I click on “Browse…” and selected the audio file I am going to embed on my web page.


After selecting my audio file, I enclose it with quotations marks as shown below. I am using a .mp3 file. Additionally, you may add autostart=”true” loop=”true”. Including these will cause your audio to automatically play upon visiting your web page, and replay it over again.


Close the tag with </embed>, and insert the finished code into the body to finally embed your audio file. However, this will create a visible audio player on your web page. To hide the player, set the width and height both to “0”. If this is not included, your web page will display a visible audio file. The code shown below will give me a hidden audio player embedded onto my web page that will automatically begin playing and loop.


Blog by: Jon Aborde


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