Take a Trip with the White Wall

Ever seen the neat screen behind the weatherlady or weatherman.  Notice how there is always something filled in. We are going to use those principles to go on a trip to where ever you want.


The first thing when booking a trip is to have a destination filled out. Make sure your picture has a “reference point”. A reference point is something that you can gage the size. So a picture with a person in it and you know the person’s height, things like that.


Now stand in front of a completely white wall, like the one’s in Benedum. Snap a picture of you in whatever position you want. Now you’re asking, “Why white? Why not green, I mean they always use green in show biz!” well in my 5+ years of experience the green gives off a glow that when editing has a problem, the green glow may show up on your shirt.


So now you have a picture of you and your destination. Open both pictures in Photoshop. Take the picture of you and use the Magic Wand. The Magic Wand is the most under appreciated tool in Photoshop, what it does is, based on the Tolerance, selects all the like colors that you clicked on. Set the Tolerance around 10 and go to your picture and click the white wall behind you. The wall, and maybe a bit of you will be selected. Do a “Layer via Cut” and the selected part will be assigned another layer. If you click the visibility of the layer the white wall will disappear. If some of you disappears than use the Lasso Tool to cut and merge you back together.


Once it is just you, it’s as easy as drag and drop. Drag you into your destination. Use the Transform->Scale to match your picture to the reference point. If you want to be Godzilla make yourself bigger than the reference point, or for human smaller, or for ant even smaller.


Play around with it and have fun with the White Wall.


-Josh Jones


~ by Arainami on September 18, 2012.

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  1. Hey Josh,
    Great DIY post! I had a little trouble understanding in the beginning what you were referring to because the only term I have ever heard this called was a “green screen.” Once I realized what you were talking about it was easy to follow along. I liked how once you would give a direction, you thoroughly explained what it was or what it meant; for example the reference point bit. I thought the confidence in your post was also a good idea. I felt it was reassuring. Although I am a novice when it comes to photoshop I feel like I wouldn’t have too much difficulty putting my picture in lets say…Australia, because Australia is awesome and I’ve always wanted to go there.

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