How to Customize Your Photoshop Brush

You should first choose  an image that you want to use as your brush and open the image in photoshop. The image should be relatively large.

Select the Rectangular tool and select (click and drag) the portion of the image you want to use as your brush.

Click edit, then find Define Brush Preset and click it (towards the bottom).

Name the image (something you’ll remember!) and click ‘OK’

Next, create a new file by clicking ‘File’, ‘New’, ‘OK’

On the toolbar on the left hand side, select the brush tool. It looks like a little paint brush.

There will be an options bar at the top of your screen. Click the little arrow next to the name of the brush you’re using. Scroll all the way down and select the brush that you just named.

Paint with your new customized paint brush!!! Enjoy!


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  1. Dear “No signature”,

    The step-by-step outline directing the user on how to customize the photoshop brush I found to be very easy to follow. Having a numbered list of steps also made the procedure easy to follow. The post was extremely informative and very well done! In order to give the blog some more personality, however, a short introduction welcoming the user and briefly outlining the procedure may have been a little more “user-friendly”. Also, some screen shots of the step-by-step process may have also been more helpful. Overall, the description was very thorough and simple to follow. It was quick and brief and also did not scare the user with long paragraphs. Again, great job! The post was very well done!

  2. Dear unsigned blogger,
    Your blog was informative, and I found it very easy to follow. You clearly outlined each step, and I would be able to follow your directions if I needed help in photoshop. However, I thought that you could of had a little more in your post. Just listing the steps did not give me a good idea of who you are and how you actually feel about photoshop. Your post makes you sound a little distant, it would have been nice to hear more about how you figured out what to do and how you used what you learned. You show some emotion in step 8, and this definitely contributes to me learning more about you. Also, pictures would have been helpful so that I could be reassured that I was clicking the right things, and they really help to clear up any confusion readers may come across when trying to use your directions for help. Overall though the clear cut steps make your directions easy to follow. A little more substance would make this a really good post because your directions are so clear. Again, good job I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    -Olivia Allegretto

  3. Dear “No signature”,

    Another quick thing I had forgot to mention was that although the numbered list format does present the information in an orderly manner, switching to paragraph form would be easier for the user to read and follow the requirements of the assignment. Aside from that, very well done!

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