How to Make Any Text/Image Scroll

Using the marquee tag is one way to add some life to your web page. To create a simple scrolling marquee (either text or image), use this basic code:

<marquee behavior=“attribute1” direction=“attribute2”>

Your text here.



For the behavior, you may put one of the three following attributes: alternate, scroll, or slide. The alternate option will cause your text/image to bounce back and forth. The scroll attribute will cause your text/image to continuously wrap around. Finally, choosing the slide attribute will cause your text/image to slide and come to a stop into a fixed position.

For the direction, you may either put up, down, left, or right. 

Choose your desired attributes, and watch your text/images come to life.


For example, the following code will cause my text to scroll to the left and wrap around back to the start once it has reached the end:

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left”>

There’s a party on Fifth Ave.



Jon Aborde



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  1. Dear Jon Aborde,

    This tutorial definitely taught me something that I didn’t know beforehand. I really liked how you included the function of each type of marquee in your tutorial. I also found it helpful that you included a clear picture of the code in your example. One thing to work on for next time would be to include specific numbered steps, this way it would be easy to follow your instructions. I would also include a little more background about what marquee does and it’s function for your webpage, that way a beginner can understand your tutorial completely.

    -Emily V.

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