Changing the Font Style in CSS

Do you want to spice up your website by changing the font style?

If you do follow these simple steps:

First, you must decide which style you want. The choices are: normal, italic, or oblique.

Normal= Font in normal style

Italic= Font in italics

Oblique= Font similar to italics but less “leaned” over

Fonts are shown below:


Second, you need go to your HTML edit box and place your cursor between the body tags ( <body> and </body> ). This is where your paragraphs are going to be located.

Third, you need to create new paragraph tags (<p> and </p>).

Fourth, within the starting paragraph tag (<p>) you will need to add a “class” command (class= ) followed by the name of the font style you want in parenthesis . Ex. <p class = “normal” > Image

Lastly, between the paragraph tags type whatever information you want and that paragraph will display in whichever style you chose.

Hope this helped!

~Julia M


~ by jmorrison14 on September 24, 2012.

One Response to “Changing the Font Style in CSS”

  1. Dear Julia,
    I love that you included screen shots in your post. I, being a beginner, found this very helpful in writing this code. I am also a very visual learner, so the fact that I could see exactly what you were doing was very helpful when I went to apply this technique to my blog. I also thought you did a very good job speaking on the beginner level. Your post does not have a tone of an advanced code writer. It lacks the intimidation that a beginner might experience in reading a set of instructions that assumes they are advanced. One this I would recommend is a bit more clarity in your instructions. I found myself reading over some parts of your post more than once to completely understand what you are trying to say. Overall, I felt your tutorial was very thorough and I feel like it prepared me to use this aspect of Dreamweaver!

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