Have Your Imagination Leap into a Photo in Photoshop

So you want to make something that’s not there…um…there? There are many small tools that can take something from paper and pencil to popping out of an image. How about an alien coming to Earth? Yeah, let’s go with that!

Take a picture that you want to have your alien invading. Make sure that when you take the picture that you have a shadow or some point of reference to where the sun is pointing.

Once you have the picture take an image in Photoshop and insert the alien. Use the magic wand tool to cut your alien out of its original photo and drag it into your picture.

Once the alien is in the right spot (and transformed rotating and size wise) in Layer Style use ‘Inner Shadow’. This will add a shadow on your alien giving it a little depth, play around by giving each body part a inner shadow to truly create a 3D look.

After your alien has a real effect time to add its shadow. Duplicate the layer and rotate it so that way its shadow is matching all the other shadows in the picture. A simple trick is to take one of the shadows in the image and draw a line from the person’s feet to the shadow’s head, and use that line as a reference. Once the duplicate layer is lined up go to ‘Layer Style’ and choose ‘Color Overlay’, pick the color black. The last step is to change the ‘Opacity’ of the layer, usually anywhere from 50% to 80% depending on the other shadows.

If you want to give it a fuzzy look use the blur tool around the sides.

Have fun and go wild with your imagination!


~ by Arainami on September 24, 2012.

One Response to “Have Your Imagination Leap into a Photo in Photoshop”

  1. Dear Mellon2552,
    I really liked the tone you used in the post. It was friendly and inviting, and made the reader want to continue reading. Not to mention, the alien invasion example kept the blog post fun and interesting.
    However, I think that the post could have gone a little bit more in depth. I have never used photoshop before, and I was a little overwhelmed when you mentioned a variety of the different tools that I could use, without saying exactly where to find the tools or how to really use them. For example, when you were describing the “inner shadow” tool you simply said “play around by giving each body part a inner shadow…” It would be helpful to elaborate on how to “play around” with the “inner shadow” tool. Also, I am a little confused about the difference between the “inner shadow” tool and the other shadow tool that you mentioned. They sound very similar and it might be helpful to know the differences between them so that I, and other users, could use them effectively.
    Ultimately, I do think it was a good blog post, and it was also a good introduction to photoshop.
    Becky Brown

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