How To Add A Link In Photoshop

While creating and formatting your webpage, it is going to be very useful for you to know how to insert a link straight into your photoshop project. And guess what, the best part is that that process is quick and relatively simple! Just follow this tutorial:

To begin, open up the photo you would like to work with in Photoshop . Next, while using the “Slice Tool” from the Toolbar (found by right-clicking on the “Crop Tool”), select the photo (or specific area in the photo) that you would like to add a link to. A yellow selection-border should appear around that area when you are done.

Now right-click within that area and chose Edit Slice Options… . Then insert the full web address ( you would like to link to into the URL box and click “OK”.

Finally, save the photo by going to File > Save for Web. Select the “4-UP” tab at the top, chose your preferred file size and type (JPEG, GIF, ect.) and then click “Save”. In the next window that opens, change the format of the file by going to the Format drop-down box and selecting “HTML and Images” and then click “Save” again.

You will now have successfully inserted a selectable link into your photo, which can be uploaded to to your website (thanks to the photo file’s new HTML code). Congratulations!

Tutorial By: Marley Rodgers


~ by mer75 on September 24, 2012.

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