How to pick the perfect theme colors

If you’re anything like me, you can’t seem to match any colors together but black and white. But your web site doesn’t have to suffer! Adobe Kuler makes it easy to implement a color scheme that actually goes together — it just requires a few steps for the computer noob to go from point a to point b.

So, let’s start! First, define the look you’re going for. Is it bleak, clean, bloody, angelic, etc.? Come up with as many specific descriptors as possible — that makes it easier to find exactly what you want.

Now, open Adobe Photoshop. Click Window>Extensions>Kuler. Easy.

Click the browse tab, and type in any combination of descriptors and press enter. I typed in “cherry blossom,” and the first search result that popped up was “Japanese cherry blossom.” Fabulous!

So double-click on the theme you want to try out. There are five colors to each theme, so you can choose one for your body, your header, your nav bar, your footer and any divs you’ve set up. If you click on a color, you’ll see a small rectangle labeled “Hex.” This is your key! It’s the special code to produce the exact color you selected.

So if you want to implement a color to your web site, simply paste its hex code (followed by a # sign) after a color command, such as “background-color.”

So have fun with your precise colors!

For the Noobs,

Mollie Durkin


~ by molliedurkin on September 25, 2012.

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