DIY Photoshop Unreal/ Comic Effect

One way to make your ordinary photos more interesting is to distort them in a way that resembles an old comic book, or basically make them look like they could be real, but aren’t. Depending on what version of photoshop you are using, formatting and the layout of different tools might be different. In this case, we will be using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

First off, you need to get your picture into photoshop. You can do this by either dragging and dropping it from a device or the internet, or simply choosing File>Import>Import From Device. Now that we have your picture presented in the center of photoshop, we can begin creating the comic book-like effect.

Click on the toolbar, select Image> Adjustment> Levels. A new window should pop up. At the bottom of this new window are three boxes with different numbers in them. From left to right, change the numbers to 60, 1.00, and finally 220 (These numbers are just a guide; feel free to play around with them). After clicking “ok” you should notice a difference in your picture already; possibly more vivid on the focus and brighter/ darker in different aspects of the picture. Next, we will begin to start distorting the picture. This can be done by clicking FILTERS > ARTISTIC > FILM GRAIN. If you cannot find “ARTISTIC” under filters, choose the option “FILTER GALLERY” and simply choose the film grain option. Once choosing film grain, to the right you should see a separate column with three categories that all have bars that can be altered with. Change it so that Grain is 4, Highlight Area is 0, and Intensity is at 10. You should notice a dramatic change in your picture after choosing this option.

Now, on the toolbar choose Layers> Duplicate Layer. Name the copy whatever you’d like, in my case I simply named it “2.” With the duplicated picture selected, choose Filter> Pixelate> Color Halftone. Set the max radius to 4. Click ok. Once completed, towards the right of the photoshop screen there is a bar you can select called Layers. Make sure it is chosen. Change the effect from Normal to Darken.

If you followed all of these steps in the correct order your photo should look distorted and have a comic book-vibe to it! Don’t forget to save it!

By Chris W. – cgw8


~ by cgw8 on September 26, 2012.

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