Get That Hair Out of Your Business

Did you ever find yourself taking an awesome picture, but the background is awful? Well with Photoshop you can fix that really easily. There are quite a few steps involved in order to ensure you preserve your picture while still getting rid of the background. This technique works particularly well when you have a difficult object to work around such as hair. 

To begin the project you need to make your first layer the actual picture that you took. So starting off your work should look like this.


Now that you have chosen your picture it’s time to begin working! While doing this be sure that you are patient because it can get very tedious at times but in the end it is all worth it. Also make sure that the layer is unlocked so that you can actually make changes to the photo! Now to begin erasing your background you’ll need the eraser tool which is on the left hand side. In the beginning you can enlarge it to get rid of big chunks at a time. As you begin to erase your image should look something like this.



Once the majority of the background is gone you are going to want to create a whole new layer and label it layer 2.Be sure that on the right hand side the layers are in order so it goes layer 1 then layer 2. You can then change your background color to something new so it is easier to see your progress. This is done by clicking on the adjustments button right below the list of layers. In the menu click solid color and choose something that will separate the white you are working with.




The background eraser tool will now be used. When going around it will change the color to whatever color you chose and it will fill in the white space left. But be sure you don’t touch the body because that will turn the body that color. As you brush around the hair it will fill in all the white background without actually coloring the picture. Once that is all filled you can go back to the first layer of your original photo. Instead of using the eraser you will now use the burn tool. This is found on the left side tool bar as shown below.



Make sure your mid tones are selected and run the burn tool along the edges of the hair in order to get rid of more white in the background. You can do this by rubbing the burn tool back and forth over the hair . To test and see if the white is gone you can make your background darker. Then using the adjustment button again you can make your background color any color you decide. Once your new color is chosen you have created a new background without destroying your original image! Congrats! Your images could go from this…



To this…



Now that you have all the tips to fix your photo go out and give it a try! I hope this was helpful and you are able to DIY! As you begin your day tomorrow…

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience”-Emerson

-Mary Kathryn Flood


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