Working with the Blur Feature in Photoshop!

The Blur tool in Photoshop is really neat. It can help make specific areas of your photo appear either in-focus, or blurred. There are three different types of blur features but we will only work with the Field Blur feature today.

First and foremost you must open a picture of your choice in Photoshop. I chose some Halloween cookies as my photo:

I will zoom in on my picture to make it easier to work with by going to View > Zoom in. Next, navigate to Filter > Blur > Field Blur:

This will make your whole picture appear very blurry. Near the center of your screen, you will see a pin surrounded by an adjustment ring, which specifies the degree of blurriness. If you place your cursor on the adjustment ring, you can drag your mouse along the ring’s edge to adjust the blur amount. Or you can simply use the slider in the Field Blur panel to the right of your screen, which I find much easier.

The goal of the Field Blur feature is to add more ‘pins’ to your photo and adjust the degree of haziness (using the adjustment ring) in certain parts of the photo. For example, I will add a pin in a different location of my image and change the blur to zero, so that this part of the image will appear sharp. Keep adding pushpins to different parts of the photo and adjust the blur amount:

As you can see, I’ve placed many pins around my cookie image. I really wanted the orange pumpkin treat to stand out. Thus, I made the pins near the outer section of my photo a higher pixel amount of blurriness. I did this by using the right side of the screen where the Blur Tools tab is located, and under the Field Blur section, adjusting the slider. The higher the amount of pixels, the blurrier the area around the pin will be. On the other hand, the pins I placed directly on top of my pumpkin cookie have zero blur, making it look clear and in-focus.

Press Enter (windows) or Return (mac) when you are done placing your pushpins in your desired locations. Done! Save your work. You now have a unique photo and know how to make certain sections of your photos pop, using the Field Blur option!

Here’s the final product of my Halloween photo:

I hope you adore pumpkin sugar cookies as much as me!

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to use the Field Blur Tool!

– Kim Bizal


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