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Ever wonder how people get really cool backgrounds for just an average picture? Well, wonder no more because now you can be that person! All you need is to fine tune your brush skills and get yourself some of those cool brushes. Getting the brushes is not very difficult, you just need to know the right websites to use and then download them to your computer. 

To use the brush tool all you have to do is click the b on your keyboard and it will pop up. If you right click while using the brush tool you can change the size and hardness of the tool. In order to use the tool you just have to click and drag the tool around. Finding the right brush though requires some more  work. There are several brushes available on Photoshop, but if you want more you can download them off the internet. You may be thinking why do I need brushes what do they do? A brush can give your image a different look such as shattered glass, frozen ice, etc. Let’s begin to spice up our photos!

A good website to use is

Here you can spend all day searching for brushes but once you have what you are looking for you can download it. To download a new brush you’ll click the download button next to the brush. This will show up at the bottom of your browser like this. Ignore the part about it harming your computer this will not show up.



Click on the new download once it opens and open the folder. Once this is open you will need to extract the files from their original “package.”You can then click on the file and extract the files to wherever you choose. When extracting the files something like this should appear and you will want to click on “extract to” and then choose the destination.



Once the file is extracted, it can now be downloaded. To find the file go back to wherever you extracted it to. So for example go to my computer, my downloads and the file should be there if that’s where you saved it. Once there you can now install the brushes by right clicking and clicking install. It should look something like this. You are doing great, keep it up!




Now that the brush is installed onto your desktop it can be transferred to Photoshop. In Photoshop you’ll want to click “B” for brushes. Through the navigation bar go to the drop down menu and click load brushes.This will transfer the brushes to Photoshop so you can begin to spice up your photo!



This will bring you to your downloads folder where you saved the downloaded brush. Once you have found the downloaded brush you can drag that file over into the brush folder. Photoshop will now ask you to load the brush, go ahead and click load. Your brush should now be in the brush collection. Find your brush and go to town!! 



With these few somewhat complicated steps you can turn your boring old photo, taken at a weird angle into a whole new creation, something that most of us have never seen before. Have fun and play around with things because there are some really cool brushes out there. I hope you all find this helpful! 

Ever think about this?

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”-Dr. Seuss

-Mary Kathryn Flood



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