Make It Straight!

Make It Straight!

Would you like to know a quick and painless way to straighten your photos? Photoshop offers a wide variety of tools to help make editing images fast and easy. One very simple technique can be used to straighten an image. 

First, the “ruler tule” must be retrieved from the “eye dropper tool” on the formatting menu. You then use this ruler tool to create a line along the horizontal axis you wish for the picture to be cropped on. All you need to do is simply click and drag the line to the other side of the image.

After the line is draw and you let go of the mouse, the toolbar menu above the work space will reveal a “Straighten” option. You must click the “Straighten” option button, as demonstrated below.


By clicking this option, your photo will be straightened, rotated, and cropped instantly all in one step. It is pretty simple and straightforward, and by following these instructions you should be more than capable of accomplishing this task on your own. Good luck!

~ Amber McAteer


~ by aleigh260 on September 29, 2012.

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