The Simplest Finishing Touch – Color!

The Simplest Finishing Touch – Color!

When creating a personal webpage, creativity and originality help to transform your ideas into a virtual, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. After establishing a layout, some text, and various images, the next thing on your “to-do list” may very likely be to add some color! 

Color is a simple finishing touch that is so commonly used, yet expressed in an variety of different ways. It is the very key to creating an appealing website. One easy way to add color using HTML is to change the color of your text. In order to accomplish this, you will need a command to change the text and a color (hex) code. There is a large variety of hex codes, each of which codes for a specific color. A chart that lists the codes and according colors can be found on the W3Schoolswebsite. A sample is shown below. 



In order to change full-page text colors, four different commands can be used. ” <TEXT=”######”> ” denotes the full-page text color. Now, to clarify the meaning of “full-page” text color, this command will change the entire text found on the page. For example, if you wanted to change all the text on the page to a crimson color, then you would use the command ” <TEXT=”DC143C”> “. 

A separate code is used to denote the color of the links on your page, which is ” <LINK=”######”> “. The following code further denotes the color that the link will flash upon being click on – ” <ALINK=”######”> “. Finally, a fourth link denotes the colors that the link will flash after already being clicked on – “<VLINK=”######”> “.

Now, in order to change the color of a specific word, a different formula must be used. The formula is ” <FONT COLOR=”######”>text</FONT> . 

Changing the color of specific words may allow for a more dramatized effect that can also help you to emphasize certain points made within the text! Following these guidelines should put you on the right direction towards mastering these color techniques. Good luck with editing your web pages and to finalizing your ultimate masterpiece!

~ Amber McAteer


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