Creating a Photoshop File with Multiple Images

Adding multiple images to one file on Photoshop is an easy way to organize and arrange pictures.

To begin, you must edit the size and resolution of the images that you want to use.  Also, make sure that once you have edited the images, you “save for the web and other devices,” and not just “save as.”

Next, you are going to need to create a new Photoshop file.  This is where you will place your multiple images, so make sure the new file is large enough for them.  Therefore, if each image were 200 pixels in width and you had five images, then the width of the document should be about 1000 pixels.  Although, you might want to make the file slightly larger if you want to have space between the images.

Then, you should copy and paste each image into the new document, making sure each image has its own layer.  You can do select the image by going to the tab on the top of the screen that says “select” and then click “all.”  Then, go to “edit” and click “copy.”  In the new document, click “paste” and your image should appear.  Photoshop should add each image to a different layer automatically, but you can manually create a new layer if you need to, by going to the tab at the top and clicking “layer” then “new.”

Finally, arrange the images in anyway you would like.  When arranging the images use the move tool (v), that is located on the left hand side of Photoshop in the tool menu.  Also, be aware that to move an image, you must select the layer that the image is on.  For instance, if the image that I wanted to select were on layer two, then I would have to select “layer two” and in order to move that specific image.

Also, you can change the background color of the file, by going to the “set background color” tool that is represented by two overlapping squares.  Select the square that is underneath and a menu should pop-up with a color wheel.  Select the color that you would like.  Then, in the panel on the top of the screen, select “edit” and then “clear.”  This will change the background color to whatever color you had selected.


Your final product will look something like this:



Thank you,

Becky Brown


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