CSS Background Image

Do you have a favorite image that you want to make the background of YOUR website?

Here are a few simple steps that will help you:

First, choose the image you want to use for your background, be sure to save it as a .jpg format and in your “root” folder. Next in your CSS style sheet use the tag #body to indicate that you are applying the image to the entire website. Then you want to indicate in the tag that you are using it as a “background-image”. You are then going to be presented with an option to browse for your photo. Since you have saved it in your root folder it should be easy to locate. Once you find your photo, click on it, and your image should appear in the background of your website. An image personalizes your website and makes it your own. In your HTML it should look like this:

Hope this helped!

-Julia M


~ by jmorrison14 on September 30, 2012.

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